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The Challenge

In the developed world, corporations purchase water for use in their buildings that is almost always high quality and safe. But then they process the water for quite expansive uses, from drinking water, showers, decorative fountains, recreational systems, spa and therapy environments, high purity applications, misting systems, irrigation systems, process applications, utility water systems and more. It is the processing of the water that often degrades its quality. All too often, it is degraded to such an extent that it becomes unsafe. To put this in perspective, every year another 4,000 people in the U.S. will die from Legionnaires’ disease caused by Legionella in building water systems. According to the CDC, fewer people (about 3,000) die in the US each year from food poisoning.

At the same time, leading organizations are realizing that the conservation of water and protection of worker and consumer health and safety makes good business sense. As part of a broad based sustainability program, these initiatives are popular with investor communities, consumers, the public, and are good for the world. Today, the list of leading corporations conducting wide sweeping sustainability initiatives is expansive.

The Delicate Balance

To achieve optimal results in water management, one must carefully account for the delicate balance between the demands for water safety and sustainability. Often times these demands are in conflict and the solutions may not be obvious. Collaboration among leaders across diverse disciplines plays a key role in achieving desired outcomes. This is the purpose of this community.

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